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Management Rules

The management rules apply to any person within Newtown Park.

The person booking the facility on behalf of a club, an organisation or a group, is responsible for communicating these rules and the relevant Terms and Conditions to those attending that booking.

Those individuals or groups not following the rules may be asked to leave and any future bookings may be cancelled and any requests for future bookings may be refused.

Where spectators are allowed to attend bookings they are subject to these rules and the relevant Terms and Conditions and it is the responsibility of the person booking the facility to ensure that this information is conveyed to the spectators.

All users must agree to comply with any rules, regulations or guidance in relation to health and well-being from Scottish Government, Falkirk Council, Scottish Football Association and Sportscotland in relation to stipulated restrictions and rules.

Copies of the full Terms and Conditions are available to those booking the facility on request.

Security/Health and Safety

Anyone attending Newtown Park must comply with the instructions of Newtown Park Association (NPA) staff, volunteers and officials of the Club, Group or Association who have the booking at that time in respect to security and health and safety. This includes fire drills and actions in the event of an emergency.

In the case of an emergency evacuation those attending should use the nearest and safest emergency exit and/or congregate at the signed Muster Points.


If equipment, such as goals, is required to be moved, please follow the guidance issued in the Terms and Conditions. Any damage to equipment you may be asked to cover the costs of repair or replacement of any damaged equipment will be charged to the Club, Group, Association or individual identified as responsible for that damage.

Management Rules

General Items


  • Only multi-studded moulded boots or Astros are permitted. Footwear must be cleaned before use of the pitch.

Food and Drink

  • On the pitch No drinks (other than water) are allowed. No food is to be consumed and No chewing gum is to be used.


  • Only alcohol purchased from the designated licensed premises within Newtown Park may be consumed.
  • Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into Newtown Park and anyone carrying any alcohol will be refused entry, as will anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Smoking and Drugs

  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings within Newtown Park and within confines of the 3g pitch area.
  • Anyone attending Newtown Park must not be in possession of, consume, or be under the influence of drugs.


  • Please be considerate and respectful towards all users, staff and volunteers at Newtown Park.
  • Those deemed to be causing offence or displaying inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave.
  • Customers attending Newtown Park are required to act in a way that is compliant with the law.

Animals and Pets

  • No pets are allowed on the grounds or inside Newtown Park except guide or hearing dogs.


  • Any bicycles brought into Newtown Park must be not be ridden and must be kept within the spectator areas.
  • Under no circumstances must bicycles be taken out-with the spectator areas and never onto the area of the 3g pitch and its surrounds

Car Parking

  • Newtown Park is a very busy facility, especially during peak times.
  • When parking at and around Newtown Park and the surrounding area please be considerate of local residents and pedestrians.
  • Inconsiderate parking causes frustration and may create a risk to Health and Safety.