Bo'ness residents are again being urged to give their backing to ambitious plans to establish a community hub within the confines of Newtown Park. 

The Newtown Park Association (NPA) is seeking funding to take the hub proposals forward, and this is where they need YOUR help. 

Last year the NPA submitted a bid for £44,671 from Falkirk Council’s Community Choices grant programme, and the NPA has just been informed the project has moved to the ‘approved’ stage.

Local residents have a direct say on how the funding should be allocated to help with community-led projects by casting their vote - and voting is now open. 

The project with the most votes in the public vote will be successful in being awarded Community Choices funding.  To secure funding, each project must attain at least 10% of the total eligible votes cast in that Ward. The only funding bids put forward in Ward One (Bo'ness and Blackness) are from the NPA and the Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival. 

Robert Snedden, chairman of the NPA, said recently: “The modernisation of Newtown Park has proved to be a huge success and the ground is being utilised seven days a week by all ages from age six years through to senior adults, both male and female. 

“Following on from this success, the NPA now wish to proceed with phase two of the project which is the creation of a community hub within the stadium grounds.

“NPA are now fully focused and committed to delivering the hub, which will cost in the region of £2.75m. 

“It will serve an area of the the town which currently has no facilities that cater for the needs of the community in the densely populated areas of Newtown, Maiden Park, and Deanfield as well as the new residential areas being created at the southern extremities of the town.

“It is with the community hub in mind that the NPA is applying to the Community Choices Capital Grant Fund for the sum of £44671, In the event our bid is successful the monies received will be used to present the architectural drawings to Falkirk Council for planning consent.

“At a time when the population of Bo'ness continues to grow, and with several new housing developments in progress as well as others others in the pipeline, and with Falkirk Council seeking to reduce recreational facilities, it is more crucial than ever that the Community Hub at Newtown Park goes ahead.”

The Hub has been designed as a place where people can socialise, hold meetings, and pursue recreational and educational pursuits. 

Opening out on to Jamieson Avenue there will be a café where people can get together, with an additional outdoor seating area for use when the weather allows. For those with younger children there will be a small soft play area, easily viewed from the café. 

A large hall space will be provided with a capacity of around 140 people, but which can easily be converted into three separate areas suitable for smaller groups. Small private rooms will also be available. 

New changing facilities will also be provided for those taking part in physical activities and for those making use of the 3G pitch. 

The Newtown Park Association (NPA) are also hoping that the Hub can support small businesses and ventures which currently have no physical presence in Bo’ness, by providing the opportunity
to set up “pop-up” units to deliver their services to the community. 

Once the Hub is in place and fully operational, it is hoped to provide additional services to help parents, such as breakfast clubs and after-school clubs, as well as holiday and summer activities. 

If you agree a community hub at Newtown Park would be an asset to Bo’ness, please cast your Number One vote for the Newtown Park Association. 

The voting phase of Community Choices is now open and closes on Friday 24 February 2024 and details of all projects in the public vote will be available to view online.   

There are two different ways that the public can vote for their favourite projects:  

  1. Go on-line to and vote. 
  2. Fill in a Ballot paper and deposit these in Ballot Boxes. These are available in your local library and other social spaces. To help with paper voting, a map of the ward will be available next to ballot boxes, this can be used to help identify valid postcodes in the area.